Hello and welcome to ML’s Red House Reviews! Please allow me to introduce myself..

All about ML..


My name is Melissa Lee (AKA ML). I was born and raised in a small town in Ontario Canada. I’m proud of my strong Newfoundland roots.

I am also proud to be called Mom to the loves of my life:

Charlie. Born: April 2017


Nova. (Yes fur babies count too) Born: March 2013



All about the books..

My love for books and reading began at an early age. Over the past 10 years my curiosity for new genres and authors has grown tremendously. Social media outlets such as Goodreads, Pinterest, BookTube and Blogs has lead me to discover many different authors that I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. I enjoy connecting with other book lovers and so I was inspired to begin a blog of my own.

Melissa Lee’s Many Reads..

Melissa Lee's Many Reads

I launched my first blog Melissa Lee’s Many Reads in January of 2015. It was quite a learning experience for me as I had never created one before. It gave me the opportunity to join a wonderful community and connect with people from all over the world, who shared the same interests as I do. I even managed to gain a small group of followers, who I am very grateful for.

A change of heart…

Now you must be wondering why I have decided to create a different blog? Well there are several reasons.. As I prepared for the birth of my son Charlie and then in the months after his grand arrival, I took a step back from my blogging and reviewing. It has given me some time to reflect on my blog and I began to realize that although I still enjoy it, I just wasn’t satisfied with my presentation of it anymore. I had quite lofty goals for the content I wanted to publish, but lacked the knowledge to do it. To be honest, I tried to do too much with it and didn’t follow through entirely with the plans I would announce. At the same time, I felt that I had outgrown Melissa Lee’s Many Reads. I grew tried of its appearance and even its name.

Moving on..

Somehow it didn’t feel right to just overhaul the blog and take a different approach with it. Then I began having trouble with the blogging platform. I tried several times to fix problems, but just became more and more frustrated. In the end I came to the conclusion that I wanted somewhere I could start fresh and create a space that I could keep up with. A space that could grow with me. And so ML’s Red House Reviews was born.

How is ML’s Red House Reviews different from Melissa Lee’s Many Reads?

For those of you who have visited my first blog, you will notice that this layout is much more simple. In fact that I my main goal for this new blog; simplicity. I want to be able to share my interests and experiences here without setting strict scheme for myself. While I do plan to continue sharing book related content here, I also would like to post product reviews and more general lifestyle posts.

But why the Red House?

Because I actually have a red house of course. As I mentioned above my family is from Newfoundland and our vacation home has become a place of great comfort to me. So I decided to pay homage to my special place by including it in my blog name. In the future I hope to re-design the theme to include a picture of our red house, however for the time being it is being represented with a blue, white and red colour scheme which is inspired by the flag of Newfoundland.