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Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins

Good Luck With That
By: Kristan Higgins
Narrated by: Xe Sands, Lori Gardner & Suzy Jackson

Book Cover

Published: August 2018
Published by: Audible Audio
Format Read: Audiobook. Audible App
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 5/5


New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins is beloved for her heartfelt novels filled with humor and wisdom. Now, in her newest novel, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, she tackles an issue every woman deals with: body image and self-acceptance.

Emerson, Georgia, and Marley have been best friends ever since they met at a weight-loss camp as teens. When Emerson tragically passes away, she leaves one final wish for her best friends: to conquer the fears they still carry as adults.

For each of them, that means something different. For Marley, it’s coming to terms with the survivor’s guilt she’s carried around since her twin sister’s death, which has left her blind to the real chance for romance in her life. For Georgia, it’s about learning to stop trying to live up to her mother’s and brother’s ridiculous standards, and learning to accept the love her ex-husband has tried to give her.

But as Marley and Georgia grow stronger, the real meaning of Emerson’s dying wish becomes truly clear: more than anything, she wanted her friends to love themselves.
A novel of compassion and insight, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT tells the story of two women who learn to embrace themselves just the way they are.

Source: Goodreads

My Thoughts

This 5 star read was one of the most relatable books I have read in a long time. I loved the bond the three women forged and how they supported each other during their individual life tribulations. Some readers may find that the characters constant obsession with their weight is repetitive, but I felt that it was accurately portrayed. Their lifelong struggle had consumed every aspect of their lives and was only compounded by stigmas towards body images in popular culture and those around them who only added fuel to the fire. I appreciate how the author explored, not only the physical issues that come with being overweight, but the psychological aspects that contribute to obesity as well. This contemporary fiction tells a heartwarming story with an empowering message; be yourself!

I enjoyed the narration and thought that the voice actors did an excellent job of depicting the individual personalities of the three friends.

I would highly recommend Kristin Higgins Good Luck with That to those who may struggle with their body image and are in need of a pick-me-up. I am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

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Spring 2021 Short Audiobook Haul

Today I would like to share the most recent short stories that I’ve added to my Audible library. These titles are Audible Originals that were offered free with my subscription.

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Charlie’s Corner: Berenstain Bears on Audio

Welcome to Charlie’s Corner, named after my little boy. Here I will share children’s product and book reviews.

Charlie and I have enjoyed reading books from The Berenstain Bears series for a couple of years now. However discovering that there were books about one of our favourite bear families in audio format gave us access to titles we had not heard of before. At approximately 7 minutes in length, we borrowed these audiobooks from our library using the Libby App. Charlie loved being able to hear the different voices and actually retained the stories as he played with his toys while listening to book after book. After listening to the entire catalogue of audio books in this series, he was eager to start again. This Mommy sure hopes more will be added soon. As an adult it was nice to take a trip down memory lane with the same characters from my own childhood, but with all new stories. As an adult, I found some of the voices, which were narrated by Lance Rubin to be over the top, but they only served to make my son laugh and enjoy it even more. I think that children would also enjoy the audio books in this series even more, if they are able to follow along with a physical book to assist them.

Here are some of the The Berenstain Bears audio books we enjoyed the most:

Book Cover
Rating: 4/5

In The Berenstain Bears and the Wishing Star, Mama teaches the Cubs that the first star in the night sky is the wishing star. Sister makes a wish, but does it come true? This story teaches children that they can’t always get what they wish for.

Book Cover
Rating: 4/5

In the Berenstain Bears and the Shaggy Little Pony, Brother Bear and Sister Bear help take care of an old shaggy pony named Oscar. They even get to ride him in a show.

Book Cover
Rating: 5/5

In the Berenstain Bears Out West, the Bear family take a plane to go visit their Uncle Tex on his ranch. The rhyming humour made this story one of our favourite Berenstain Bears audio books.

We also enjoyed:

Book Cover
Book Cover
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Waiting on Wednesday: Our Woman in Moscow

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine, that shines a spotlight on the books we can’t wait to be released in the near future.

Today I would like to share the synopsis for an author that has several titles I’m interested in reading. Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams is set to be released June 1, 2021.

Our Woman in Moscow
By: Beatriz Williams



The New York Times bestselling author of Her Last Flight returns with a gripping and profoundly human story of Cold War espionage and family devotion that proves again why Elin Hilderbrand says Beatriz Williams “is writing the best historical fiction out there.”

In the autumn of 1948, Iris Digby vanishes from her London home with her American diplomat husband and their two children. The world is shocked by the family’s sensational disappearance. Were they eliminated by the Soviet intelligence service? Or have the Digbys defected to Moscow with a trove of the West’s most vital secrets?

Four years later, Ruth Macallister receives a postcard from the twin sister she hasn’t seen since their catastrophic parting in Rome in the summer of 1940, as war engulfed the continent and Iris fell desperately in love with an enigmatic United States Embassy official named Sasha Digby. Within days, Ruth is on her way to Moscow, posing as the wife of counterintelligence agent Sumner Fox in a precarious plot to extract the Digbys from behind the Iron Curtain.

But the complex truth behind Iris’s marriage defies Ruth’s understanding, and as the sisters race toward safety, a dogged Soviet agent forces them to make a heartbreaking choice between two irreconcilable loyalties.

Source: Always With a Book


Monthly Wrap-up: April 2021

Total Books Read in March: 4
Total Books Read in 2021: 1

Book Cover

Stranded (Alaskan Courage. 3)
By: Dani Pettrey

Genre: Suspense, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Series
Rating: 3.5/5

Book Cover

The Wives
By: Tarryn Fisher

Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

Book Cover

Firefly Lane
By: Kristin Hannah

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction
Rating: 4/5

Book Cover

Good Luck With That
By: Kristan Higgins

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Audio Book, Audible
Rating: 5/5

The Stats

Total Number of Books Read: 4
Total Number of Fiction: 4
Total Number of Non-Fiction: 0
Total Books Sent for Review: 0
Total Books Read from My Shelves: 2
Total Library Books Read: 2

Formats Read

Physical Books: 1
Audio Books: 

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