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My First Experience With Graphic Novels

During the month of April, I decided to read a graphic novel, for the first time. It is a genre, I have been curious about, but I didn’t really have any interest in typical superhero comics. Then I came across one that was more to my interest. Here are my quick thoughts on the graphic novel I read.


The Beatles in Comics!
By: Michels Mabel and Various Artists

Genre: Graphic Novel, Biography, Non-fiction
Rating: 2.5 Rating
Quick Thoughts: The Beatles in Comics! is a graphic novel telling the rise and breakup of the Fab Four. Each chapter begins with a paragraph on a certain era of The Beatles career and is illustrated by different artists. It was interesting how each artist depicted their sections and I enjoyed re-visiting the biography of one of my favourite bands. However I did find it quite repetitive and decided on a 2.5 rating.

My overall first impression of graphic novels:

Although I am happy to have finally experienced this genre with a topic of my interest, I don’t think that it is a format I will be picking up on a regular basis. That is unless I come across more that really grab my attention.

What do you think of graphic novels? Have you read any? Leave me a message in the comments.

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