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Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic 2) by Sophie Kinsella


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
(Shopaholic, 2)
By: Sophie Kinsella

Published: September 2001
Published by: Dial Press Trade Paperback
Format Read: Trade Paperback
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Series

Rating: 3/5


With her shopping excesses (somewhat) in check and her career as a TV financial guru thriving, Becky Bloomwood’s biggest problem seems to be tearing her entrepreneur boyfriend, Luke, away from work for a romantic country weekend. That is, until Luke announces he’s moving to New York for business—and he asks Becky to go with him! Before you can say “Prada sample sale,” Becky has landed in the Big Apple, home of Park Avenue penthouses and luxury department stores.


Surely it’s only a matter of time until Becky becomes an American celebrity. She and Luke will be the toast of Gotham society. Nothing can stand in their way, especially with Becky’s bills an ocean away in London. But then an unexpected disaster threatens her career prospects, her relationship with Luke, and her available credit line. Becky may have taken Manhattan—but will she have to return it?

Source: Goodreads

My Thoughts

The second book in the Shopaholic series takes Becky Bloomwood on a potentially life-changing trip to Manhattan with her workaholic boyfriend Luke.

I couldn’t remember if I had read this installment of the series back in the early 2000s, but as I got further into to story I realized that I had indeed read it. My first impression of it probably played a role in my decision not to continue on with the third book. I supposed I found our main character as annoying then as I do now.

I understand that Becky’s personality is supposed to be taken as humorous (and there are moments when it is) but for the most part I find her to be a whiney liar. Shouldn’t that be seen as more of a problem, than for entertainment value? I also don’t really like her and Luke as a couple. However this could be due in part to the limited time given to establish their relationship.

So why have I decided to continue on with the Shopaholic series, you ask? Well there were parts of Shopaholic Takes Manhattan that I did enjoy like the NYC setting and the direction the story took in the end. I also do enjoy Sophie Kinsella as an author and reading this series makes me nostalgic for the fashions, décor and all things late 90’s- early 2000s.

As I continue on to read the third book, I hope to see more character growth.

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