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2019 in Review

Welcome to my 2019 Year in Review, where I will look back on my reading progress and the posts I’ve made over the past 12 months. But first I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who followed my blog. I really appreciate your support, whether you left me a comment or just popped on to read a post. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you a very happy new year.

Reflecting on My Blogging in 2019

I took a bit of a different approach to my posts, this past year, as I have had less time and found myself dealing with major writers block. I was becoming very frustrated by my lack of content ideas and I even considered giving it all up. I felt so stuck and uninspired. However I talked myself into pushing through and decided on focusing on making a minimum of 1 post a week. This took a lot of the self-inflicted stress off my shoulders and in time I began to enjoy blogging again. This allowed me to be more consistent and then add additional posts as they came to my mind.

Reflecting on my Reading by Month

As you can see from my chart below, I started off the year well, reading 4 books per month. This is a pace I hoped to keep up, unfortunately that didn’t happen. Over the summer my reading slowed down, due in part to some books that I was less than interested in. I should have given those books up and moved on, but I did struggle through as long as I could. This put me in such a reading slump. Thankfully for the last few months of 2019 I got back on track and averaged 3 books per month.

Reflecting on Audiobooks

I listened to more audiobooks this year, especially since I signed up for Audible. It has introduced me to books that I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.

Total Audiobooks listened to in 2019: 9

Reflecting on Total of Books Read

My Goodreads goal for the year was to read 40 books. At the time I thought that this was a reasonable number. Unfortunately I couldn’t predict how things would go, nor did I expect to have such sluggish summer. Although I didn’t quite make my goal, I did come close reading 37 books.

Reflecting on Formats Read

One of my main goals for 2019 was to make a dent on the books I owned. Many of these have been sitting on my shelves for years. After totaling up the different formats read, I was surprised by how many eBooks I read throughout the year. I thought that my physical books read would have been much higher.

Reflecting on the Sources of Books Read

This chart shows better the amount of books I read from my own shelves. I am also pleased by the amount of library books I read. We are big fans of our local library and I love being able to support them as much as I can.


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