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Body of Proof by Darrell Brown & Sophie Ellis

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Body of Proof
By: Darrell Brown & Sophie Ellis

Published: September 2019
Published by: Audible Originals
Format Read: Audiobook, Audible
Genre: Non-fiction, True Crime

Rating: 5/5


A woman disappeared. A man was convicted. Case closed?

Body of Proof, a true crime podcast, examines the many unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance and death of Suzanne Pilley in Edinburgh in 2010 and the subsequent conviction of David Gilroy. Journalists and TV producers Darrell Brown and Sophie Ellis spent two years investigating the case and spoke exclusively to David Gilroy, who was convicted of murdering Suzanne Pilley and disposing of her body. Sentenced to life in a Scottish prison, Gilroy maintains his innocence. Although police believe they have the right man, key components of the prosecution’s case are missing: there is no body of the victim, no witnesses to the crime, and no physical evidence (no DNA, CCTV video, or murder weapon).

In this gripping, step-by-step investigation, Darrell Brown and Sophie Ellis uncover startling information not heard in court that might have changed the minds of the jurors. And they shine a light on aspects of the Scottish criminal justice system that might be keeping an innocent man behind bars.

A What’s the Story Films production for Audible.

Source: Goodreads

My Thoughts

Suzanne Pilley was last seen walking through the busy Edinburgh streets on her way to work one morning in 2010. Her coworker David Gilroy is charged with her murder and sentenced to life in prison. The only problem is that no body or evidence found. Documenters Darrell Brown and Sophie Ellis examine the case in the effort to uncover the truth and determine whether or not Gilroy is really guilty or innocent.

As I have recently become more interested in True Crime, I downloaded Body of Proof on a whim. I began listening not knowing that it would be presented in documentary format. While this may have irritated some listeners, I was intrigued by this case from the beginning. Even though I knew the outcome for David Gilroy, this audiobook had me hooked and I listened to it in one day.

The steps that were taken to investigate and put together the events of this case had me second-guessing my own verdict throughout. In the end I still do not have a definite answer and it made me definitely question the legal systems handling of this situation. I highly recommend listening to this Audible Original: Body of Proof.

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