Lowest Average Goodreads Ratings

I was inspired by Rebel Mommy Book Blog’s post titled “Books I’ve Read with the Lowest Average Goodreads Rating” to make my own post. So here are some books that I’ve read with low average ratings.

The Islands of Doctor Thomas by Franchise Enguehard


Average Rating: 2.00

My Rating: 3.00

My Thoughts: I think the reason why The Islands of Doctor Thomas has such a low average rating on Goodreads, is because it isn’t very well known. In fact it was actually beautifully written and the setting of St. Pierre et Miquelon is one of my to visit bucket list locations.

The Secret Sister by Fotini Tsalikoglou


Average Rating: 2.70
My Rating: 2.00

My Thoughts: I won a copy of The Secret Sister from Goodreads. My low rating for this book connects with the low average due to the confusing style of the writing.

Forty Love by Madeleine Wickham


Average Rating: 2.92
My Rating: 2.50

My Thoughts: I was so disappointed that I didn’t enjoy Forty Love more as it is from an author I enjoy. The tone of the writing and the characters was so different than I have come to expect from this author and it seems as if others had the same problems with this book.

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