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Character Spotlight: Hamish DeLuca


Murder at the Flamingo
A Van Buren and DeLuca Mystery, #1)
By Rachel McMillan

Published: July 2018
Published by: Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio
Format Read: Audio Book, Audible
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Series

Rating: 3/5


If Hamish DeLuca spent less time with his nose in a history book or studying for the bar exam, he might finally have the courage to ask a girl to dance at the Palais Royale. But despite his romantic nature, Hamish has always been shy and lacking the confidence of his friend and cousin, Luca Valari, who has invited Hamish to join him in Boston for the summer. Luca has just purchased a new dance club, The Flamingo, and could use Hamish’s math and accounting skills to keep the books alongside Luca’s “right hand man” Reggie Van Buren.

Regina “Reggie” Van Buren, daughter of a wealthy pastor and heir to a New Haven fortune, is determined to make a life as the self-sufficient city girl she sees in her favorite Jean Arthur and Katharine Hepburn pictures. After a humiliating tea party, Reggie bids goodbye to fine china and the man her parents expect her to marry and escapes to Boston. Finding an easy secretarial job with the suave Luca Valari and a room at Miss Clara’s Boarding house in the North End, Reggie soon adapts to a world beyond servants and ironed linens. Her romantic prospects alight, too, when she sets eyes on Luca’s cousin Hamish.

When a corpse is discovered at The Flamingo, Hamish and Reggie trade ledgers and book-keeping for sleuthing skills. But the truth comes at a high price for Hamish who discovers a dark side to his beloved cousin and is forced to choose between loyalty and his conscience.


Character Spotlight

It is quite rare that I come across a character in a book who shines far above the rest. This is especially true in one with two main characters, like Murder at the Flamingo. However in this first installment of Rachel Mcmillan’s series, Hamish Deluca did just that. 

I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a male character who isn’t portrayed as the typical alpha male. Instead Hamish had a vulnerability that was endearing. His anxiety problems was something I could empathize with and the way the author described his symptoms was very realistic. 
Despite his ailments that kept him sheltered, Hamish was quite an intelligent man. I really enjoyed the sections from his perspective and exploring 1930s Boston through his eyes. The way he turned to the Hunchback of Notre Dame as if it were a compass or the Bible, made me want to read that book. Hamish also showed immense growth throughout the story. Above all it was his fierce loyalty that captivated him to me the most. 

Although Murder at the Flamingo on a whole, garnered a 3 star rating from me, Hamish DeLuca himself would earn 5 stars. I look forward to reading more about this character in the second installment of the Van Buren and DeLuca mysteries. 

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