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The Sound of Rain by Sarah Loudin Thomas

The Sound of Rain
By: Sarah Loudin Thomas

Published: November 2017
Published By: Bethany House Publishers
Format Read: eBook, NetGalley
Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance

Rating: 3/5

I was sent a copy of The Sound of Rain by Sarah Loudin Thomas, from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


After a mine collapse nearly costs him his life, Judd Markley decides to start over in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He takes a job at a timber company where he catches the eye of the boss’s daughter. Larkin Heyward lives a privileged life, as a socialite, but feels that her destiny is to help people. She longs to go away and do mission work, much to her father’s dismay. Meanwhile Judd begins to quickly move up the ranks in the timber company, while courting Larkin. Is his success due to his skills or does Mr. Heyward have ulterior motives?

My Thoughts 

I have been looking forward to reading more Sarah Loudin Thomas, ever since I read her novella Appalachian Serenade. One thing that really stood out to me in that story was the authors ability to connect with the senses of her readers. I was very happy to discover that this talent rang true once again in The Sound of Rain. From the mines of West Virginia to the prosperous Myrtle Beach and the poor hills of Kentucky, she painted a very vivid picture of the various settings. I could almost smell the smokey mountains and feel the humidity described in the southern states.

The 1950’s is a time period that interests me, however it isn’t very often that I come across historical fiction set in that era. Another aspect that caught my interest was the mention of Hurricane Hazel in the synopsis.

Judd Markley was an interesting character, who I liked from the start. However I never warmed to his female counterpart Larkin Heyward. In fact I found her more insufferable as the story went on. She was a very spoiled young woman and I felt that her dream to help people was more about drawing attention to herself than a genuine care for others. I didn’t think that she and Judd were a good match for each other at all.

Unfortunately my dislike for Larkin really took away from my enjoyment of this novel. Hopefully I will have better luck next time with this author as I would really like to read more Sarah Loudin Thomas.

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